The proposed Lakewood mixed-use development would include an existing lake.

The Flower Mound Town Council on Monday voted 4-1 to deny a rezoning request for Lakewood, a 122-acre mixed-use development proposed to be located on the north side of FM 2499 and east of Silveron Boulevard, directly west of the Southgate development.

Officials from TGB Partners said Lakewood would include 244,800 square feet of office, 46,000 square feet of retail, 23,000 square feet of retail/restaurants and a 79,200-square foot hotel.

Plans also called for 850 multifamily units and 170 single-family units, which would have minimum lot sizes of 3,000 square feet and 5,000 square feet. Project leaders said they would all be detached units. Multifamily buildings would range from three to five stories.

Officials said tying it all together would be the existing 5-acre lake that would serve as a central draw to the project.

Commercial was planned to front Long Prairie Road, with green space and the lake separating the commercial from the residential to the north. The northern-most section was planned to have more commercial and open space. Offices, retail, restaurants and other amenities were expected to be adjacent to the lake. Trails and various gathering places, such as plazas around a pedestrian bridge, were also key features.

Project leaders said residential makes up 34.9 percent of the project, followed by commercial (34.6 percent) and public open space (30.5 percent).

But the majority of the council said they were concerned about the density of the project.

“There’s too much stuff in this area,” said Councilman Jim Pierson. “And having 850 apartments will generate some issues. If not on FM 2499, I’m concerned about Silveron.”

Council members also had issues with the variety of waivers and modifications requested for the project, including compatibility and buffer requirements between the residential and two office buildings on the north end. 

Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Claudio Forest said the traffic issues on FM 2499 won’t be worsened by the project but by the fact that more people in the region are using it to go north and south.

Tiffany Bruce, executive director of public works, said a traffic analysis projects that the intersection of FM 2499 and Silveron is service level of "F" with or without the project as there is no traffic signal there. She said with a traffic signal, it is expected to improve to a service level "D" whether the project is there or not.

Forest was also concerned about the property’s future.

“How will this property get developed if we say no?” Forest said.

Resident Patsy Mizeur said the project would bring in a better quality retail and a better hotel than what could go on the property based on the current zoning.

“This has been zoned campus commercial for 20 years, and we’ve gotten nothing from it,” Mizeur said. “The only success we’ve had down in that area is from mixed-use.”

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