Jason Pierce

Jason Pierce

Is spring cleaning on your to-do list?  Don’t toss everything!  Make sure to properly dispose of your household chemicals, and other household hazardous waste.

Paint, cleaning compounds, insecticides, oil, batteries and light bulbs can be found in almost every garage or cabinet at home.  Yet, if not properly disposed of, these common household hazardous products can be a threat to our health and the environment.  Pouring any of these products down the drain or dumping in the trash could contaminate the water in our streams and lakes - - the sources of our drinking water!

Here is a list of common household items that do not belong down the drain or in the garbage:

Aerosol Cans

Batteries (car & household)

Craft Chemicals

Hobby Chemicals

Drain Cleaners


Household Cleaners

Motor Oil

Oil Filters

Oil Based Paints/Stains/Varnishes



How do you dispose of these unwanted items?  Check your city’s or utility’s website. Some provide curb-side pick-up and others provide collection events.  Mobile collection events are scheduled in Cross Roads on April 4, Lantana on April 18 and Oak Point on April 25.

Residents of these communities are eligible to bring their unwanted household hazardous waste to the event on their respective day for proper disposal. 

Upper Trinity Regional Water District also provides several disposal alternatives. 

For more information on Upper Trinity’s program, or to check out a full list of household wastes, visit utrwd.com/household_hazardouswaste.html.

Working together, we can protect our drinking water supply sources.  Follow these simple steps to keep harmful household wastes out of the creeks and lakes, and the landfills.

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