Normally I contribute to the newspaper current agriculture information or update the community on our 4-H program and how our members are doing. In the spirit of the New Year this week I decided to list a few things parents and kids can do to be healthier and happier in 2020.

Have a family night

It’s only one evening a week! Everybody can put their phones and other devices down and do a puzzle, make a meal together or play a physically active game. As a parent, my mindset is “everything goes” for snacks. Enjoy some candy and have fun! We usually finish this night off with a classic movie and some popcorn.

Eat one meal healthier

The past year my lunch has usually included a hamburger and french-fries. For 2020 I plan to work on improving my lunch choices. My body is in pretty good shape, I don’t have a resounding health issue for this resolution, but if I can get in a rhythm to do one meal better I will be even healthier in 2020.

Put the focus on you, not others    

It’s hard to do sometimes, not comparing to others. Watching to see how many “likes” a person gets on a social media post compared to yours. Social media is awesome for displaying a lot of great things people are doing, and I enjoy seeing it, but sometimes it doesn’t show a whole picture of someone’s life. It’s just the snap shots. Don’t compare yourself to those snap shots. Be you!

Learn a new skill

I am currently reading a book about a CEO of a Fortune 500 Company who decided to learn Mandarin so he could communicate directly during a single presentation. As the leader of this company he has plenty of resources to have someone handle this, but he took the challenge. It feels great to find a challenge and conquer it. Find your challenge for 2020.

“Outside… Outside, everybody outside”

As my son’s TV show says, it's time for everybody to go outside. If you are a secluded introvert like me, don’t worry, I’m not talking about a three-day camping trip with your extended family! Spend an hour or two doing some chores and having some fun, build a campfire, roast marshmallows and jump on a trampoline. Get that vitamin D.

Take Care Yourself

Go get that checkup you’ve been putting off. A lot of times your mind can talk you into thinking things are going to be worse than they actually are. Get your smile right at the dentist. Get your hair right at the barber shop. Shine those shoes. As one NFL player put it. “If you look good, you feel good!”

Let go of something

If you’re like me there’s always a habit that needs to go, or maybe a bad investment that needs to come to closure. Maybe it’s just unsubscribing from 20 emails that you delete every day. Who knows? I’m sure you do. Whatever was weighing you down and holding you back in 2019 just let that thing go in 2020!

Zach Davis is a Denton County Agriculture and Natural Resource agent.

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