I consider myself a Conservative. 

To conserve means to preserve and protect.

Conservatism values character, compassion, competence and conscience.

I can be as hypocritical as the next guy, but I don’t have to accept what I know are lies, and I don’t have to lie to myself about what is happening to our country. 

Intentionally dividing us from each other, turning us against each other, is not a Conservative value. 

For our country and our economy to heal, we must be able and willing to work together.

Healing takes time, but we have to allow ourselves to start.

Choose leaders who are willing to lead, and take responsibility, rather than those who thrive on distraction and division.

Cooperation, compromise and caring for each other, are Conservative values.

I’m proudly Conservative. 

I hope what that word means can be reclaimed, in time.

Mark McKinney,

Flower Mound

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