I, like many others, are sick of politics.

That being said, our May local elections are not political. They are nonpartisan, and in many ways, affect our quality of life more. With everything that has happened in the past year we need strong leadership representing our Town. We need someone who loves our town and residents.

We need someone who is willing to speak up and out to protect our quality of life. We need someone who has the experience and knowledge to lead our town. We need someone who reaches out and helps fellow residents with no recognition or fanfare. We need someone who has our back without being asked. Someone who isn’t afraid to do the right thing.

For me there is no one that exemplifies all of this more than Itamar Gelbman. I have known him for several years. Through the years I have watched him as a family man and resident advocate. I have seen the work he has done behind the scenes to help out any resident who needs it whenever he can. I have seen him be a strong advocate for our town under the most extreme opposition and pressure.

He stands his ground to protect all of us to save what most of us love about our town. I will be actively endorsing, promoting and campaigning for Itamar for mayor. I ask all of you to do your research. Experience and knowledge matters for anyone seeking to lead our town. If you have questions please reach out to him and just ask questions. He is accessible and willing to talk about anything to anyone. I will be happy to share my experiences too.

I can attest personally he has always had my back no matter what. He is the right man, at the right time to move our Town successfully forward far into the future. Itamar Gelbman or mayor! Go to  facebook.com/gelbmanfortexas.

Cathy Strathmann,

Flower Mound

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