Students in Lewisville ISD who want to transfer to another campus in the district will now have an easier time doing that.

Monday the Board of Trustees approved changes to its transfer policy that is meant to loosen up some of the restrictions. The changes are effectively immediately. 

The board approved the changes without discussion Monday, but during a work session in September board members expressed support for having more flexible regulations.

Board President Katherine Sells said it’s important for students to be at the campus where they feel comfortable.

“I certainly don’t want to lose any children to other avenues of education because we’re not allowing their parents or even their little voices to be heard,” Sells said at the work session.

Changes in the attendance requirements are part of the new policy. The previous policy was that a student must have an attendance of 95 percent of the days or better from the previous year. The new policy reduces that percentage to 90 percent, plus the student can’t have more than eight unexcused absences and no more than 10 unexcused late arrivals. Students must meet all three requirements.

The previous policy stated that persistent misbehavior could be a factor in denying a transfer request. The new policy defines that more clearly as having three or more office referrals.

The new policy will maintain the previous requirement that states the student must not have been assigned to a disciplinary alternative education program (DAEP) or have any expulsion to Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP) in the current or most recent school year.

Transfers can be revoked if the superintendent determines the student is in violation of the transfer criteria and if the superintendent determines it’s in the district’s best interest to stay at the student’s original campus.

That means the student must have transportation.

“Transportation is a parent responsibility for transfer students. If transportation problems resulted in the student not maintaining the on-time attendance required to be eligible for a transfer, the transfer could be revoked under either of these two items,” said Rebecca Clark, director of student services.

Also, students who are granted an intra-district transfer can now automatically renew the next year, and they will be permitted to transfer to the next level campus that’s in their new school’s feeder pattern.

“I think that can help a child who transferred in elementary or even in middle (school) really get in there and be whatever they’re going to be,” Sells said at the work session. “Whether it be a Marauder, Jaguar, Cougar, Farmer or Hawk. They can see a light. They’re all working toward 12th grade.”

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