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The Lewisville ISD Board of Trustees on Wednesday approved its employee compensation for the 2020-21 school year.

All staff will receive a 2-percent increase from their salary midpoint. The first-year teacher salary will increase from $54,500 to $55,385.

In addition, employees who fall into the teacher pay grade category will receive a one-time additional payment. That payment will be $1,000 for those who have been with the district for 20 years or more, $750 for all other full-time staff and $375 for all part-time staff.

While it was the district staff that recommended the 2-percent from the midpoint increase, the first-year teacher increase and possibly some sort of one-time payment, Trustee Tracy Scott Miller proposed the breakdown to give 20-year employees more money.

“I think if you look at us over time there may not have been much of an inclination to look at that population,” Miller said, pointing to data that shows higher tenured teacher pay increases have been flat compared to other categories.

Others agreed.

“If we do the one-time payment, it would be a nice gesture and would recognize their years of service here in the district,” Trustee Jenny Proznik said.

Board members said that holds true even more now considering the work employees had to do this spring in the face of COVID-19.

“We’ve gone through some things in the spring but think will face things in the fall,” Board President Katherine Sells said. “The communities have seen the work the teachers do. To have that as a gesture in November I definitely support that.”

District officials said the increase of 2-percent from the midpoint and the new teacher salary increase will cost the district approximately $6.4 million. The one-time payment will add another $5 million, though officials expect that number to be lower.

The move is different from what other districts in the area are doing. None of the eight districts LISD surveyed are giving one-time lump sums in addition to percentage increases.

“I don’t want to be like all the other school districts,” Miller said. “We’re a leader. I hope this is perceived by the community that this is a statement about leadership and the value that we place on our employees. This is good, and it’s aggressive.”

The lump sum will be paid out no later than Nov. 30.

Miller cited the money LISD saved in facility closures in the spring due to COVID-19 as one reason he felt the district could support the one-time sum.

In previous meetings Miller had said he supported a 3-percent increase. But others were concerned about how that would impact the finances going forward.

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